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Hello,wearethe VKIIRUHRBEZIRKe.V.

The Association of Cameroonian Engineers and Computer Scientists, Ruhrbezirk e.V. is a group formed in 2014 by international Black students from TU Dortmund. VKII Ruhrbezirk has been focusing on empowerment programs in the Ruhr area. Additionally, VKII has been involved in various projects in Africa, with a strong emphasis on technical innovations and school construction.
VKII is a community-based association that supports education, research, students, and graduates. It also spearheads projects aimed at empowering African/African diaspora/BIPOC and marginalized groups, including refugees, those with migration backgrounds, and a diverse range of intersectional individuals and communities, such as racial/ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ communities, people with disabilities, low-income individuals, women, religious minorities, indigenous peoples, older adults, and youth. This support extends to various aspects of life, including school, training, college, and work.




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Our vision is to create an open and inclusive space, both physically and temporally, that fosters communication, social interaction, and personal growth. We aim to empower individuals by providing opportunities to learn (the German) language(s), offering homework assistance, tutoring, and computer courses.
Our mission is to establish a welcoming and accessible environment where people can connect and engage, breaking down barriers through language learning and educational support. We are dedicated to facilitating personal development and empowerment by offering assistance with homework, tutoring, and computer skills.
Together great things happen... Let's build it together!
"We believe that true inclusivity and participation are essential to create equity of opportunity and educational fairness, and we are committed to advancing this cause."


Creativity leads to Sustainability
Creativity leads to Sustainabilityrunning

Project in cooperation with the Bambu Center in Accra Young people are concerned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are asked to write something about them. They deal with topics such as climate change, migration, sustainability and gender justice, and at the same time learn the basic

Komm An NRW
Komm An NRWrunning

Program for the promotion of voluntary commitment in the integration of new immigrants in the municipalities, funded by the the Ministry for Children, Family, Refugees and Integration of the State of NRW. The KOMM AN NRW program is to be implemented in cooperation with the municipalities and the spo

Vitamin P – Chancenpatenschaften im Übergang zwischen Schule und Beruf
Vitamin P – Chancenpatenschaften im Übergang zwischen Schule und Berufrunning

Education and early support are crucial for young people's future, especially those without access to higher education due to their parents' circumstances. Experienced caregivers can open doors for them.

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