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VENTAO e.V. (Verein entwicklungspolitischer Austauschorganisationen)

ventao and its members support the mutual exchange of people in development partnerships. They enable mutual learning and thus lay the foundation for the commitment of the participants to sustainable development.
The Association of Development Exchange Organizations e.V. (ventao), is one of six quality and interest associations of sending organizations in the weltwärts program. Weltwärts is a development policy voluntary service funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented in cooperation with 180 civil society organizations. Since its founding in 2013, 34 sending organizations from all over Germany have joined the ventao quality association, which sends and hosts nearly 600 volunteers each year. It supports its member organizations in implementing high-quality learning and exchange services for young people in the field of development cooperation while preserving the plurality of their approaches.


Muyogo Village School
Muyogo Village Schoolrunning

The Muyogo Church of Uganda is a registered non-profit NGO. The church is a member of the Uganda Protestant Church of Uganda and is served by the South East Ankole Diocese.

Nachmittag der Vielfalt - Digitales Basteln mit Kindern
Nachmittag der Vielfalt - Digitales Basteln mit Kindernrunning

Given the rapid global development of the 21st century, we want to introduce children to science, technology, engineering and mathematics at an early age.

Wir.Nous.Us und die offene Gesellschaft
Wir.Nous.Us und die offene Gesellschaftrunning

With about 30,000 Black people in Dortmund, a stronger co-thinking of anti-Black racism in the anti-racist debate of the urban society is of enormous importance. Due to the different dimensions of power and discrimination, such as language, nationality or even "race", which have a particular impact